SOLOMON2 is PALCO’s proprietary post-sale supply chain data acquisition and management software.  This cloud-based, world-class technology is designed specifically to support and improve post-sales operations.

OEM, Value Added Resellers, and Integrators all know the customer experience depends heavily on what happens after the sale.  The efficiency and intelligence build into your post-sales service strategy can make a significant difference in the immediate bottom line, as well as position your company for the next sells cycle. 

Everest Research states post-sales accounts for 75 to 80 percent of a company’s core profits, and can be leveraged as a significant revenue driver.  PALCO helps our customers to tap into those new post-sales revenue opportunities. 

We take a proactive consulting approach with our clients.  We address their lack of visibility to their post-sales processes.  We also often find post-sales tracking is not integrated into their systems, and they seldom have the analytics to develop and modify these business processes.   Our analytics-driven signature approach mines transactional data, and coupled with best-in-class technical capabilities, expertise, and leading-edge techniques, reduces our customer’s services costs. 

Optimizing the post-sales supply chain can be complex and exceedingly challenging, due primarily to process variability at the individual customer level.  Most often, existing methodologies are one-size fits all, and do not lend themselves to the flexibility necessary in both process and analytics, to fine-tune the post-sales supply chain.  Additionally, the customer typically lacks the resources and insights necessary to make these changes – leaving profit-boosting opportunities unrealized.

Bridging the customer and the post-sales supply chain is what PALCO does best, and what SOLOMON2 helps accomplish.   PALCO’s SOLOMON2 is world-class technology designed specifically for post-sales operations.  Business intelligence specific to post-sales support has been developed, for the most demanding mission critical service agreements.  Our scalable solution provides analytics to proactively manage the post-sales supply chain, and enables PALCO’s customers to enhance existing revenue streams.  They can also identify new revenue-driving opportunities and boost profit margins.

If your post-sales supply chain strategy is not optimal, and you are currently not leveraging advanced analytics, let’s get started with a consultation and systems demo.  The opportunities to tap into, or simply improve your profit margins, are a phone call away.  To learn how SOLOMON2 can better support your most demanding mission critical service agreements, contact us today!

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